Food Machinery Department

The food machinery is one of independent department in Boom Industry. We research and produce and sell the products of food equipment. Due to the good quality and after service, we have imported to many regions in China and other countries abroad, such as Europe,America,India, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, and so on. The main products are biscuit (cookie) processing line, chips (crisps) production line, candy production line, puffed food production line, ice cream machine, instant noodle production line fruit juice equipment etc. Besides, this kind of machine can be used to produce all kinds of products in our daily time. In addition, both installation service and instruction training are available. We offer food equipment, such as candy, chocolate, biscuits and other food equipment; moreover, we also provide many types of packaging equipment for food. The most important point is that we can produce or design the product in accordance with your meets. So please contact with me if you are interested with out products.

    1. Puffed Food Production Line
      The puffed food production line is a kind of foodstuff equipment used to manufacturing leisure food such as inflating foodstuffs, rice bread, rolling snacks, gruels, nutrient flour and so on. ...
    1. Pillow Type Packaging Machine
      This B.ZB packaging machine is a pillow type high speed packing machine, with a packaging high speed up to 40-230 bag/min. It is suitable for packing regular objects such as biscuits, pie, ..
    1. Plant Protein and Pet Food Production Line
      1.Protein food production line
      With many years experience, soybean protein food production line is developed by our company to meet the needs of market with high quality. ...
    1. Wet Glue Labeling Machine
      Wet glue labeling machine is automatically machine drive which consists of sealing oiling boxes. The big advantage of machine is that when it works, it has few troubles to ensure the convenient operation. ...
    1. Automatic Biscuit Processing Line
      This automatic biscuit processing lines can be combined at will in accordance with the needs of the biscuit for different clients. SS type of automatically multi-functional production line is developed by our ...
    1. Double Face Labeling Machine
      The double face labeling machine B•TB-S apply to label the shape of the round, square and flat objects which are in those industries, such as: medicine, daily life, food, stationery commodity and so on. It can paste both ...
    1. Potato Chips Production Line
      This kind of potato chips production line is used to processing potatoes. It is a kind of leisure food fried potato chips equipment with the feature of friability, delicious and rich is nutrition. It is popular with all classes ...
    1. Trapping Label Machine
      1.Our company initiates Japan-made motor to control the cutter system which lengthens the life of cutter. This trapping label machine has high precision labeling.
      2. Efficient production speed ...
    1. Instant Noodle Production Line
      Our instant noodle production line is widely used to produce fried instant noodle. According to the desired production capacity, our SS fried instant noodle production line can produce 30, 50, 100 or 150 thousand packs ...
    1. Semi-automatic Strapping Machine
      This B·KZ-Ⅰsemi-automatic strapping machine uses the strap of pp machine as fasten strap. It is widely used in the package of carton, woolen case, and wicker case launched by commercial industry, post office, ...

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