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This B.LB automatic vertical packing machine is suitable for measuring and packing anomalous lumpish and granule materials ,such as candy, popped food, biscuit, roasted seeds and nuts, granulated sugar, deep-frozen food, milk power, milk tea, amylum sauce and so on.
Selected installations
1. This machine is that of linked bags or multi-bags cutting.
2. it is with pothook holes punching function(circle hole and others) for choose.
3. outlet conveyer machine for choose.
4. All kinds of automatic or half-automatic measuring transportation structure.
5. It can be with the inflatable and exhaust functions.
6. It can be equipped with compressed air system and nitrogen making machine.
1. It is equipped with safeguard system.
2. Intelligent temperature controller is equipped to ensure the beauty and flat of sealing.

B•LB Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

B•LB Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

3. It is with PLC computer control servo system and touch screen controlled which improved the precision and intelligence of control.
4. The whole procedures can accomplish by this automatic vertical packing machine, including metering, feeding, filling and package making, date printing and end products automatic discharging.
5. The touch screen equipped can simplify the operation greatly for it is remembering the parameters of various products.
6. There is a fault display system accurately in this automatic vertical packing machine that can display faulty timely and can guarantee production process flow smoothly.
7. Various shapes of bags type are available depending on customers' need.
8. There are two kinds of stock, one is made of stainless steel, and the other one is made of carbon steel which is covered with plastic.
9.Double belt system can decrease the friction and make it energy saving.

Main Technical Details:
Bag Sizes L:100-400mm  W:100-300mm
Packing Speed 25-65bags/min
Total Power 380/220V 50/60Hz  4Kw
Total Weight 6-10Kg/0.22m3/min
Outer Dimension 800Kg
Compressed Air Cost 1200×1500×1950(mm)

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