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1. B.RM Thermal-shrink Packing Machine
Brief Introduction
1.Compact construction, high efficiency.
2.The use of intra-red quaztz heater tube results in lower the power consumption.
3.Great air-flow provides excellent heat distribution for an even shrink.
4.Temperature meter control temperature.
5.Automation for convenient operation Automatic Control: The system features automatic temperature variation for convenient operation.
6.Variable speed live-roller(mesh)conveyor is easily adjusted.

2. Cutting Shrinking Packaging Machine
Brief Introduction
1.Works with all types of shrink films, but specially tunnel for non PVC, polyolefin films.
2.Temperature compensating solid state controllers.
3.Belt conveyor with variable speed and adjustable;
4.Top & side heat; Stainless sled heater;
5.Quick change seal wire with tension assembly;

B•RS Thermal Shrink Packing Machine

B•RS Thermal Shrink Packing Machine

6.Double Magnetic Hold down (L sealer);
7.Sealing blade on top(L sealer);
8.Roller, wire mesh optional;
9.High veloeily turbo-tunnel;

B.RM Thermal-shrink Packing Machine Main Technical Parameters:
Model 350 400 450
Power Supply 220-240V/50Hz 380-415V/50Hz
Heater Power/ 4kw Adjustable 6.5kw Adjustable 8kw Adjustable
Conveyor Speed 0-10m/mm 0-10m/mm 0-10m/mm
Tunnel Size 70×35×15cm 83×40×20cm 83×45×25cm
Shrink Product Size 300×150mm 300×150mm 400×200mm
Conveyer Loading 5kg Max. 5kg Max. 10kg Max.
Tunnel Temperature 200℃ Maximum 200℃ Maximum 200℃ Maximum
Dimension 105×55×110cm 120×60×78.5cm 120×69×120cm
Weight 80kg 80kg 100kg
Cutting Shrinking Packaging Machine Main Technical Parameters
Model 3520 4020 4525
Power Supply 110,220-240/50-60Hz  1 phase 380V/50Hz
Heater Power 7kw Adjustable 8kw Adjustable 10kw Adjustable
Conveyor Speed 0-15m/mm 0-15m/mm 0-15m/mm
Tunnel Size 80×35×20cm 100×40×20cm 100×45×25cm
Shrink Product Size 300×150mm 300×150mm 400×200mm
Conveyer Loading 15kg Max. 25kg Max. 25kg Max.
Dimension 105×61×132cm 125×66×132cm 125×71×137cm
Weight App.80kg App.90kg App.120kg
Shrink Film POF,PVC,PP

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