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Brief Introduction
This B·KZ-Ⅰsemi-automatic strapping machine uses the strap of pp machine as fasten strap. It is widely used in the package of carton, woolen case, and wicker case launched by commercial industry, post office, railway, bank, food industry and other industries. After feeding the strap, the machine can automatically finish the whole process of banding including collecting, conglutinating, cutting, and being out the strap.
Instant heating: the machine stops working after 35 second auto stop. High quality of packing string: packaging position is precise; packaging strap is firm.

B•KZ-ⅠSemi-automatic Strapping Machine

B•KZ-ⅠSemi-automatic Strapping Machine

Main Technical Parameters
Model B.KZ-Ⅰ-1 B.KZ-Ⅰ-2
Power Supply 220V  50Hz 220V  50Hz
Speed 1.5 sec/strap 1.5 sec/strap
Strapping Tension 5-60kg 5-60kg
Strap Width 6-15mm 6-15mm
Dimension 1470×580×505mm 895×580×730mm
Weight 80kg 80kg

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