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This SDYⅡ-520 and 900 ice cream machine is a line incluse main engine, an internal and abroad type, adopts diversity pattern. A complete set of equipment is composed of main engine rack, tunnel-room, transmission mechanism, surround carry manipulator automatic packer, and refrigeration fit. And then, after quick-freeze, quicken color fragrant and taster congeal, gain varied high-grade, an ice cream product is finished.
Main engine of this machine are equip extruder pattern, insert, cut, vibration separate, end product collect and transmission case parts act.
Ice cream end product  revolve journey fast, carry tunnel-room. Manipulator carry product up to packer carry on automatic pack. Product appearance sprightlyand lovable. Flavor savory fine and smooth, Meet consumer needs.

Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Machine

Main Technical Parameters
Type SDYⅡ-900 SDYⅡ-520
Convey board amount 900 pieces 520 pieces
Brackrt convey speed 30-80 pieces/min 15-40 pieces/min
Total Refrigeration Capability 3000kcal/h x 4 groups 3000kcal/h x 2 groups
Evaporate temperature -30℃ -30℃
Cooling temperature +30℃ +30℃
Cold-producing staff R502 R502
Tunnel-room Temperature -35℃ -35℃
Water Consumption 40000kg/h 20000kg/h
Level norm water Temperature 8-22℃ hydraulic pressure≥1500 water Temperature 8-22℃ hydraulic pressure≥1500
Power Supply 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Total Power 132Kw 70Kw
Air Consumption 0.9 M3/min 0.9M3/min
Dimension(L x W x H) 11800 x 2570 x 3400 8500 x 250 x 3300
Weight 12T 10T

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