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This machine 3-IN-1 carbonated juice machine RXGF is combined with the three machines of bottle-washing filling and capping equipment, 3-IN-1 carbonated juice machine (RXGF) has a unique design. Moreover, it has the advantages of save manpower and energy. The fruit juice and tea drinks can be filled in plastic bottles and be capped with plastic caps. This kind of machine has the optional capacity from 4000BPH-25000BPH.
This 3-IN-1 carbonated juice machine (RXGF) is used for producing juice drinking and tea drinking, with out put of 5000-22000 bottle/hour which can be choose by costumers.

1. Shape of bottles is easy to change, because of the changing the thumb wheel.
2. It is no need to adjust the height of the machine when you change the bottle size.

Fruit Juice Machine

Fruit Juice Machine

3. The main machine motor is controlled by frequency changer; with the unique equipment, 3-in-1 hot filling machine (RXGF) is easy to control the adjustment of the output.
4. It is easy to wash the machinery, due to the machine case and the parts contacting with the material are made of stainless steel.
Main technical parameters:

Model RXGF60-60-15 RXGF50-50-12 RXGF40-40-10 RXGF32-32-10 RXGF24-24-8 RXGF18-18-6 RXGF16-16-5
Washing Heads 60 50 40 32 24 18 16
Filling Heads 60 50 40 32 24 18 16
Capping Heads 15 12 10 10 8 6 5
Capacity 25000BPH 18000BPH 15000BPH 12000BPH 9000BPH 6000BPH 4000BPH
Main Power 11kw 7.5kw 5.2kw 4.8kw 4kw 3kw 3kw

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