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This kind of B•FX series box sealing machine is an ideal machine for the packaging cartons products. It is widely used in the packing works such as electricity, spin, food, goods, medicine, chemical, to name a few. What more, this kind of cardboard box sealing machine can work alone work with other machines according to the packing needs. On the other hand, it can be equipped with  adhesive belt which is economical and easy to adjust. You can finish the top and bottom sealing together with this top quality machine. In addition, words-printed brand belt is used to make the products from this machine more impressive.
1.it is suitable of sealing the top and bottom of boxes, as well as sealing of the sides of boxes. The top and bottom tape cartridge is interchangeable.
2. There are two top and bottom tape head.
3. Tape overlap length: 55mm or 65mm to 75mm available.
4. Roller working table is effective and convenient for packing operation.

B•FX Box Sealing Machine

B•FX Box Sealing Machine

5. A blade guard that equipped can protect the blade of cuts fluently.
6. It is designed with a crank handle adjustment facility.
7. The adjusted leg height can reach as high as 240mm

Main Technical Parameters
Model B.FK6050 B.FK5050(The automation breaks the cover type up)
Voltage AC110-220v/60-50Hz AC380v/50-60Hz
Power 300W 360W
Conveyor speed 20.4m/min 22m/min
Starting area Up-down sealing Up-down sealing
Adhesive tape width 48-60mm 48-60mm
packing length ≥150mm ≥200mm
packing width 12-50cm 50cm
Packing height 12-60cm 50cm
Dimension 1140×960×1580mm 2040×1110×1520mm
Gross weight 205kg 205kg

Boom Industry is a professional manufacturer and supplier of carton sealing machine (carton sealer) in China. With 15 years experience of producing, selling and service in this products, we have exported box sealing machine (carton sealer) worldwide like the United States, Japan, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Burma, Italy, France, Nigeria, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania etc, more than 80 countries and regions, and gain great reputation among those customers. If you need box sealing machine (box sealer), please contact us.

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