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Brief Introduction
1. Speed: 2.0 sec/cycle, 30 cycle/min.
2. Easy maintenance and simple operation: mechanism is stable and durable, and the oil will not be impregnated.
3. Tensile force adjustment: the biggest pulling force is over 90kgs for this automatic strapping machine B·KZ-Ⅱ.
4. Precision structure: the main machine is made up of aluminium alloy; the control system can cooperate with other equipment.
5. Easy assembly and disassembly: it is convenient to place material on the up and down strap.
6. Widely usage: automatic strapping machine can be worked independently or cooperate with other equipment.
7. It is easier to bind package strap so that one people can package the big case.
8. Polyethylene film can be also used; at the same time, the machine can be stopped urgently when working.
9. Some troubles can be manually repaired by tools.

B•KZ-ⅡAutomatic Strapping Machine

B•KZ-ⅡAutomatic Strapping Machine

B·KZ-Ⅱautomatic strapping machine can package the length of 1200mm or above 1200mm.
High precision machine feature with compact structure ensure the firm package, low troubles and quick speed.
It uses the ultrathin strap (0.6—0.7mm).
The machine can cooperate with other equipment.

Main Technical Parameters
Model B.KZ-200 B.KZ-130
Power Supply 380V  50Hz 220V  50Hz
Speed 2.0 sec/strap 2.0 sec/strap
Strapping Tension 5-90kg 10-80kg
Strap Width 8-19mm 9.2-15mm
Power 0.85kw 0.5kw
Dimension 400×590×1500mm 1860×560×1500mm
Weight 250kg 150kg

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