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Boom Food Machinery Department
As a branch of BOOM Industry, the food machinery department is a independent sector with researching, production and selling in the products of FOOD equipment. With the high quality products and reliable service, we sale the products all around China 31 province, as well as countries abroad such as Europe, America, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Africa, more than 80countries and build agency in Shanghai and Xi’an city.

The main products of this department include biscuit (cookie) processing line, chips (crisps) production line, candy production line, puffed food production line, ice cream machine, instant noodle production line fruit juice equipment etc. Those machines are suitable for producing all kinds of daily foods. We can also provide installation service as well as prescription training service. We can not only provide high-quality candy, chocolate, biscuits and other food equipments, but also can offer various packaging equipment for those food. What more, we can also can offer you a complete food production solutions according to customer situation.

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